Does your business need a website to be successful?

Having a business website opens up the online market and gets your brand in front of more people. Potential customers can instantly ask questions from the palm of their hand where your business is the answer they are looking for. If a customer searches “how do I get a business website” or “website developers near me”, then our website is going to be matched. This is how a quality website can add success to your business.

“But, there are so many search results, what’s the point”, I hear you ask!

Working with Search Engines to target a relevant audience

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation works best when you have a clear strategy for what you are trying to communicate and to whom. We operate in Buckinghamshire near High Wycombe, Amersham and Beaconsfield. So, our SEO is geographically focused for this area. And, even though we offer a full-service package, we focus on our specialist and most popular services – like WordPress Development and Secure, Fast Website Hosting.

This means that a potential customer from Hazlemere who is looking for help with their WordPress website will have a high probability of coming across “Alpha Labs – website solutions”. Because, we are actively targeting them with keywords and location based ad campaigns.

We generate high-value leads for your business by tuning your business’s search strategy to reach the most relevant audience.

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Reach even further with social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al make up the other huge part of the internet where your potential customers live. Every social platform embraces businesses in some way and by having your business on social media means you can proactively find customers online. Depending on your business model, you might even prioritise this over your website! This is the case for small business start ups that operate locally and face to face, like caterers & florists.

In the case of social media the onus is on the business to find the customers, rather than the other way round. Let people know about those freshly baked cakes in your local social media groups and grow a network of fans that you can continue to reach in the future. The art of a good social media strategy is all to do with timing, aesthetics and quality of content. Strike the correct balance and your social media posts can become the cornerstone of your sales.

Not only will we help you with the perfect social media strategy, but we’ll simplify the process so you can quickly and easily launch content to all of your channels, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

Invest in your business with our expert digital services

We can support you with your business website and social media strategy in a number of way.

  • New business website that promotes and/or sells your products and services online
  • Manage and maintain your existing website to ensure you continue to reach customers as trends change
  • Review and direct your SEO so that you are appearing to relevant audiences
  • Setup your business on social media platforms, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  • Help you master your social media, so that you are getting the most out of your posts and profiles

If you’d like you have a conversation about how we can help boost your customer reach with the use of a website and social media get in touch or click the chat icon to speak with someone now!

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