Web API development: Linking Your Website with Third-Party Systems

Running a business today relies heavily on digital interconnectivity to keep complex processes simple. We specialise in API development, connecting your website to third-party platforms, like HubSpot. The beauty of API is that they can link any website to an external system, whether it’s WordPress or .NET. Make more of you data, where ever it is, by allowing communication between your systems via an API making it go further than before.

Secure Connections with OAuth

Security is paramount in today’s online world, that’s why most API integrations use OAuth. It’s an industry standard protocol that secures access between you and an external server resources. Used correctly, we can securely link your website to third-party platforms, such as HubSpot. This link lets us take actions securely on external system via their REST API.

Kick-Start REST API Actions

REST API actions are the heart of this type of service. REST, a web common communication architecture, uses HTTP to create, read, update, and delete data. Let’s say you want to create a new HubSpot CRM contact from your WordPress site or record a new sale – that’s where you can use an API. Using a service like this cuts down manual data entry and instead automates updates across platforms.

Reasons Instantly with Web hooks

APIs are great, but web hooks make them even better. Web hooks are automated messages sent by external systems to notify you of specific events. They respond to changes in real-time. For instance, if a HubSpot contact’s email address updates after a user submitted a HubSpot down, your website will know instantly. It can then react, by updating a local WordPress profile for the same user. It’s all about keeping your platforms in sync and tasks automated.

How will your website benefit from an API connection?

In our ever-changing digital world, connectivity is key. Our expert team will integrate your WordPress or .NET website to any external API safely and securely. We enhance your process by making it reactive to your external service provider with API web hooks improving your business process possibilities like never before.

Your operations become smoother, your business more efficient – that’s our service commitment. Website API integrations, such as MailChimp API and HubSpot API, combined with API web hooks, make it happen.

Want to know more about integrating your website with a third-party API? Contact our team at Alpha Labs.

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