Why we build WordPress sites

WordPress systems are one of our most popular web design and development services. In fact, if you are reading this, you’ve most likely already heard about WordPress and may possibly have an opinion on it already. I want to tell you why we consider WordPress a great fit for mid-level content managed websites and what we like to do to get the most out of a WordPress system.

It is one of the most popular choices for creating a modern managed website, lets look at the top reasons;

Affordability & Timescales

One of the leading reasons for choosing WordPress is that is is an affordable way to create a website. WordPress website development is cheaper due to how popular they are. Lots of developers who regularly build WordPress systems also generously release lots of time saving bits of functionality and code in the form of Plugins and Themes. Thanks to this, we have the potential to save time on our development and we pass this onto our customers making their project more affordable.

If you need a promotional website designed and launched as soon as possible on a tight budget; WordPress!

User Friendly & Familiarity 

Also, thanks to it’s great popularity a lot of our customers come to us with prior experience of WordPress. We believe the user experience of WordPress is unique and when developed professionally and correctly is a pleasure to manage. We pride our WordPress system on being easy to manage and use, so even if our customer are new to managing their own website or haven’t used WordPress before, we have no doubt that they will find it easy to fall in love with!

Secure, reliable and functional

WordPress has a community full of loving developers who are constantly trying to improve their favourite tool. It has changed a lot over the years and with every update it only gets better. Not to mention all of the great tried and tested plugins, like WooCommerce & WPML, that are available to make tasks like selling online or making a website multilingual super easy to achieve and they often can be used for FREE.

Security is a hotly debated subject within the WordPress world and the key factor here is third-party plugins. WordPress as a system can be very secure, but not all plugin authors make sure their plugins and themes are up to the same high security standards we see from the core WordPress developer team!

We only use plugins from developers with a proven track record in security and usability, we believe that anything else would damage the experience of our lovingly developed websites.

WordPress is just one of our many tools we consider when we draw out plans for a new website. When it comes to affordability, quick delivery and popular functionality, then WordPress is always the first choice!

We can help you with your project too!