Get paid to recommend us

Know someone who is looking for reliable web development and hosting services for their website? If you recommend our services and your referral results in a new website project or 12-month service contract, then we will show you our appreciation with up to £500 cash!

We love to work with people we know and getting a referral through friends, family, colleagues and existing connections is something we value greatly.

Being able to start a conversation with a prospective client when we share a mutual connection puts everyone at ease and helps us start our journey on the right foot. Plus, just as we love to support local business, we also love to support our local network too and our referral program means we can spread the love.

happy coffee referrer

How our referral program works

In order to get your referral fee the following conditions must be observed:

  1. Any new projects must be completed and paid OR services of a 12-month contract must be signed off and the initial payment paid.
  2. Cannot be an existing client who has worked with us in the last 12 months.
  3. The referral bonus will reflect 10% of the overall project cost or the 12-month contract up to a maximum of £500.
    1. For example
      1. If a referral results in a new website project at the value of £1,800, then upon completion and payment of invoice you will receive £180.
      2. If a referral results in an agreement of a 12-month “Enterprise Tier” web hosting and maintenance package (£45 p/m), then upon sign off and receipt of the first payment, you will receive £54.
      3. If a referral results in a new project build at the value of £5,000 or more, then upon competition and payment of the invoice you will receive £500 and a permanent place on our Christmas card list!

The small print

  1. It is your responsibility to let us know in advance that you have made a referral and we will track any new future business from the prospective client under the terms of the referral program.
  2. Referral payments are only made once a project has been completed and the invoice has been settled. For contract services, we will make a referral payment once a 12 month term has been signed off and the first invoice payment has been made.
  3. A referral fee is only paid for the first project or contract and any subsequent work from the referred client will not qualify for additional referral fees.
  4. Our referral program is a service agreement between Alpha Labs and the referrer (you). As a service provider we do not have any liability or responsibility over you or your role in the referral process as you are considered independent and separate of Alpha Labs.
  5. As the service provider and for our accountancy purposes we will require an invoice equal to the agreed referral fee in order to make payment.
  6. In no capacity will Alpha Labs be operating as your employer. Therefore we do not provide any employee rights or protection. As an independent entity from Alpha Labs you are responsible for your own tax, insurance, liability and operating costs.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse referral fee payment under special circumstances where the referrer or referred client do not fairly respect the nature of the referral program. For example, if the referrer attempts to claim a referral fee whilst working for the referred client and has the intention to effectively use the referral program to discount the work agreed with Alpha Labs, then this would be deemed unacceptable and payment would not be made.
  8. All agreements will be confirmed in writing, either via email or as a physical paper-copy.